Tuesday, June 2, 2009

keychainDD and pcdtojpeg are out.........

So I've been lazy about blogging, and productive about writing software. Since I last blogged about software releases, I've released not one, but two new open source applications, keychainDD and pcdtojpeg.

keychainDD is an OS keychain manager that delivers very secure drag&drop capability to the OS X Keychain management system. Why I wrote it was that OS X has a very robust password management system in the Keychain system, but in my view, there were two deficiencies:
  1. No drag&drop - you can have Safari (or whatever else) autofill your passwords on web pages, but I've never been very comfortable with that - I'm always suspicious that even a badly spoofed website may be good enough to get any autofill program to cough up my passwords. And copying via cut&paste is vulnerable to keyloggers (yes, there are keyloggers for OS X). So keychainDD only allows you to explicitly drag&drop passwords. Not only is drag&drop a lot more secure on OS X than cut&paste, but the way that keychainDD implements drag&drop is in a very secure way, btw.
  2. No support for "Memorable Information". A lot of financial sites that I use now require what is effectively a second password, usually one that you have to enter a few selected characters via an on-screen menu or keyboard. This is a protection against keyloggers, and in my view a very good thing. But you have to remeber that information, and be able to count characters to get the 5th character, the 3rd, etc. keychainDD supports memorable information, and has a neat character-by-character tray type display that means you don't have to write down your memorable information to count characters.
So, anyway, that's keyChainDD. It's website is here, and you can download it here.

pcdtojpeg converts Kodak Photo CD (PCD) files into JPEG files. I wrote it because basically every other solution out there for doing any kind of PCD conversion just sucks. Either they blow highlights, get colors wrong, only convert at very low resolution, or just don't work all. I won't mention any names here, but pretty much every other solution out there that I tried doesn't work. And don't just believe me, take a look at Ted Felix's PCD site.

pcdtojpeg gets the color right, won't blow highlights, and runs under any of OS X, Windows or linux.

pcdtojpeg also isn't just a monolithic application, it's PCD decoder comes in the form of a proper C++ library that other programs can use.

Acknowledgments: Although pcdtojpeg shares no code with Hadmut Danisch's hpcdtoppm, and can decode image information that hpctoppm can't, pcdtojpeg would not have been possible without the work that Hadmut did in reverse engineering the format in the early 1990’s in order to write hpcdtoppm. For those interested, hpcdtoppm converts PCD images into ppm format images.

pcdtojpeg's website is here, and you can download it here.


stuartmalcolm said...

Hi there,

I've downloaded pcdtojpeg a couple of times - 1.0.8 and 1.0.9 but when I unzip it there is nothing in the Windows binaries folder. OS X is fine but there's nothing for windows. Is this right?


Sandy said...


I just checked the 1.0.9 download from SourceForge, and the windows binary is definitely there.

Firstly, check that you're downloading from SourceForge (http://sourceforge.net/projects/pcdtojpeg). If you still get the problem, then I'd suspect that you have some kind of anti-virus program running that is stripping executables from downloads.